Honey Mustard Hot Dogs

A few weeks ago, we had our first BBQ of the season. I know right, looking out my window into dreary, rainy London now makes that perfect Sunday afternoon a distant memory (although good conditions for the marathon runners today, GOOD LUCK GUYS!)

Anyhoo, the bonus of hosting a BBQ is having people leave various food and beverages at your house (woohoo) and we had lots of chicken and sausages left over. I decided that a couple of days later I fancied hot dogs for dinner; not just any hot dogs though, these are delicious, sticky, sweet & spicy hot dogs*.

*said in M&S sexy voice.

For 2 people to eat 2 hot dogs, you will need:

An 8 pack of good quality sausages

A good squirt of honey

2 tablespoons of grainy mustard

4 hot dog rolls

a good handful of salad

ketchup & mayo (if ya like, which I do)

Snip your sausages into a oven proof dish (you could use a baking or roasting tray) and squeeze your honey and spoon your mustard over them. Give it a really good stir and shake around until all your sausages are nicely coated.

IMG_4584 IMG_4585


Bung your sausages in a 180ºC oven for around 45mins/1hour, or until they look like this.



Stuff your hot dog rolls with salad and top with 2 sausages each. Drizzle with ketchup & mayo and serve with frosty beers.


If you have a marathon champ in your life today, this would be an awesome celebratory dinner for them. Though perhaps swap the beer for a bottle of champagne! and make them 3 times as many hot dogs…


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