If you follow us on Twitter (@hungryswans), you’ll know that I had a pretty sexy looking lunch today.  I had some time to kill in Ealing and came across a trio of food trucks; turns out every Friday, street food trucks congregate in Ealing Broadway to treat us Ealing-ers to something different at lunchtime.

I chose to go to Pulled, and even though I all but whored out my sandwich on Twitter, I thought it also deserved its own blog post.


Delicious pulled pork, brisket, chicken and lamb all served in a brioche bun.

I went for A Spanish Chick.


Slow cooked chicken, crunchy fresh slaw, crispy fried chorizo(!) with smoked chilli mayo & sweet chilli jam.


I don’t know what genius decided to put this combo together but I’d like to give them a preeeety large snog.  The chicken was moist and the fresh coleslaw was a perfect fire extinguisher for the chilli jam (a bit of quite hot).  Chorizo is one of my favourite foods and crispy fried was a perfect addition.  The bun held it’s structural integrity whilst being fluffy and light.  Good job really as going back to work with chickencoleslawmayo on all over my hands and face would not have been the one.



Oh, Pulled. I do hope you come to leafy Ealing again.  We’re going up in the world (apparently). Maybe Ealing will be the next Dalston…*

* I doubt it.


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