Bird, E2

Hot on the heels of my public declaration of love for rotisserie chicken from Chicken Shop, I decided I should broaden(ish) my poultry horizons and try some fried chicken as well. I went to Bird in Hoxton with my friend Sel, who had been before and was confident I’d love it.

Obviously, being in Hoxton, Bird is super cool. All retro-tables (with birds on them!) and exposed brickwork and whatnot. I liked it though, and it wasn’t so-cool-it’s-ridiculous like some of the establishments in that neck of the woods. We started with cocktails (it’d been a hard day, k?) a cherry sour for me and a negroni for Sel. We did sharesies though, obviously. That is the Swan way.


My cocktail was delicious – it hardly tasted alcoholic at all (uh-oh) though if I was being picky, I could have done with a bit more ‘sour’ in my cherry sour. The negroni was pretty much the polar opposite; it was SO SOUR (maybe it stole my sour?) and tasted VERY alcoholic. Every mouthful was a bit like being kicked in the teeth, but it was delicious as well if you like that kind of thing (we did) and actually complimented my cocktail quite nicely. Good job.

When we’d recovered enough to order food, we had the chicken and waffles, 6 chicken wings with ranch and hickory BBQ sauce, fries, jalapeno corn pudding and deep fried pickles. I can tell that you’re looking at that list with trepidation, dear Readers, but let me put your minds at rest. First, the chicken and waffles…


THEY ARE AMAZING! Cheesey waffles, topped with two pieces of super-crispy fried chicken – beautifully moist on the inside – and then drizzled with maple syrup. It sounds so wrong but GOD it was so right. SO right that when we’d finished we had to order another. Don’t care if you’re judging me, would totally do it again.



The wings were also nice; a little on the small side but the sauces were v. tasty. We had no idea what to expect when we ordered the jalapeno corn pudding but what came was delicious; almost like a slightly spicy mac ‘n’ cheese, but with sweetcorn instead. Lovely. Sel had already told me about the fried pickles (‘like sex in my mouth’, I think was her exact description) and whilst they might not quite have been like sex in my mouth, they were by far the best sides we ordered. Again, you wouldn’t necessarily expect deep fried gherkins to work, but they really do! Maybe those Americans in the deep south are on to something when they fry the sh*t out of everything they can get their hands on…




We left very full and satisfied; and, unsurprisingly, smacked off our faces on saturated fat. Sel reckons this place is better than Chicken Shop (blasphemy!). I’m not sure about that, but I think because it’s so different to Chicken Shop (apart from the obvious, smartypants) I just can’t compare the two. So on that basis, I’m calling it a score draw.

Website is here and they do delivery! I daren’t check to see if they would deliver to my house because I’m afraid I’d never eat anything else and I’d turn into an elephant and you’d see me on the news because they’d have to knock down a wall to rescue me because I couldn’t fit out of my front door like on some of those American documentaries…

Better not to risk it. You should still go though.


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