Afternoon Tea @ Sketch.

This is the final MSGWoFaC post, and we’ve saved the best ‘til last! After a gruelling morning of crepe-eating, photography-appreciating and tiny bit of shopping (sorry Mum) we walked in the lovely Spring sunshine to Sketch in Mayfair for afternoon tea.

Sketch is a converted townhouse on Conduit Street, near Oxford Circus. It has five restaurants and bars, all with different themes and designs. The website (here) gives you loads of info about the different people who’ve worked on the rooms if you’re into all that (it’s actually really interesting). We had afternoon tea in the Gallery, which is a huge room at the back of the building designed in conjunction with David Shrigley (here), who is a British artist. The Gallery is PINK. Walls, ceiling, chairs, lights… all pink. Even the metal is rose gold. It would be a bit toooooo pink, if it weren’t for the nearly 250 David Shrigley pieces on the walls, all black and white doodle-type drawings – some of which are quite rude (we had to cover Mummy Swan’s eyes) – which jars with the pink and stops the whole atmosphere becoming too much.

IMG_4556 IMG_4543

To start with we had champagne. When in Rome and all that…


Then we had a look at the tea menu. Now, confession time here Readers, I don’t actually like tea. I know, if UKIP got hold of that info I’d probably be publically shamed and deported for my un-Britishness, but there we are. I had blackcurrant and hibiscus tea, iced, which tasted nothing like actual tea and was bloody delicious. Caroline had lemongrass and ginger tea, also iced (it was a hot day!), also delicious. Mummy Swan had the peppermint tea, not iced, but still delicious.


^ SUPER refreshing and delish!


THEN came the food… the sandwiches were fantastic; a tiny mozzarella and basil panini, egg mayo – slightly spiced – with a teeny quails egg on top (amazing!), cucumber (it wouldn’t be afternoon tea without cucumber sandwiches, obviously) and my personal fave, the smoked salmon on Swedish bread topped with roe. YUM!


You can keep ordering refills of sandwiches, but don’t get too carried away as you want to save some room for these here cakes…


I can’t remember the names of all of them (menu here if you’re a cake nerd) but they were all tiny, perfect mouthfuls of deliciousness. Special mention to the pomme d’amour tart which was an apple tart with a weird apple ball on top and a little basil leaf which turned it into a taste sensation, and also the pineapple, coriander and coconut sponge which was hands down the moistest, most delicious cake I’ve ever had the privilege of eating. As well as all this (you can get cake refills as well. Seriously, this is probably the only meal you need in a day!) you also get a huge scone with clotted cream and a choice of strawberry or fig jam *swoon*.


^ jam then cream, OBVIOUSLY!

Now, afternoon tea at Sketch isn’t for the skint! Ours came to nearly £220 *faints* (though we did have two glasses of champagne each), but it was an absolutely amazing experience so if you’re looking to treat someone (even just yourself) I’d say it’s well worth it!

One last thing, this sounds weird but trust me, make sure you go to the loos.  They are WEIRD! Like, little pods making animal noises whilst you wee kind of weird… Yeah.



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  1. Have been desperate for afternoon tea at Sketch for ages, and this has only confirmed my longing! Gorgeously presented too!


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