The Kensington Creperie, SW7

These posts are a little out of order, lovely Readers, as I’ve been on holiday (sorrynotsorry). After Bibimbap and Sweeney Todd (here), next stop on Mummy-Swan’s glam London weekend of food and culture (MSGLWoFaC) was the NHM for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition. Because we’d eaten pretty early the night before we were hungry so decided to go to our usual place for a light brunch before all that photography appreciation. You can’t appreciate good photography on an empty stomach, you know.


We discovered the Kensington Creperie years ago and it’s been a regular haunt since then. Situated on Exhibition Road just around the corner from South Ken station, it’s well handy for all of the museums and perfect for every meal of the day. You may think, dear Readers, that a crepe is not actually a meal at all, that it’s merely a snack. You would be wrong. Forget your bog-standard ham and cheese, or plain old lemon juice and sugar; the crepes at this place are exciting, delicious and really filling. They are pretty much full meals folded inside perfectly cooked pancakes.


You get the idea…

Mum and I had one each but did sharesies. I ordered the Mona Liza and she had the Salmon. The Mona Liza was delicious – basically breakfast in a crepe. Lovely salty cheese and bacon, veg and a runny egg to top it off, and when I cut into it the egg yolk oozed everywhere which somehow made it even MORE delicious! The salmon was nice and delicate though could have done with a bit more dill and a bit less cream if you ask me (which you did, you’re reading my blog, remember?) We ordered the buckwheat crepes for a bit of extra taste but the plain crepes are also delicious.


^ Looks boring. Really isn’t.

On this occasion we were restrained and didn’t have pudding, but don’t let that put you off! In my opinion there are few things in life more pleasurable than having pancakes for main course and dessert, and the dessert crepes here are just as lovely (and much more fancy looking) than the savoury ones. If you can’t bring yourself to double-crepe there’s also an epic ice cream bar which will more than satisfy your sweet craving.

If you’re running late, they also do takeaway which is a bloody BRILLIANT idea as the time it takes to walk between the creperie and the NHM/V&A/Science Museum is almost exactly the time it takes a hungry Swan to polish off a crepe. Coincidence?? I doubt it.

I should also say at this point that if you haven’t been to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition get onto the NHM website and book yourselves tickets NOW. It’s an absolutely mind blowing collection of photographs and £16.50 well spent.IMG_3347

Look! A TINY MONKEY and some PANTS!

*heart melts*

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