Bi Bim Bap, Soho.

On Friday, Mummy Swan came to London for a visit. We had a really fun weekend planned, which started at Bi Bim Bap on Greek Street.


The chances are, if you blinked you’d miss Bi Bim Bap so keep your eyes peeled. The restaurant is named after Korea’s national dish; a delicious mix of rice, veg and meat/tofu in a hot stone bowl. Don’t touch bowl btw, it’s hot, I learnt the hard way.


We went for Fillet Beef (Jennie), Nutritious (Mum) and I had Chilli Chicken. MAKE SURE you go for a raw egg on top, it basically turns your dinner into egg fried rice, but much, much better than anything you’ll get from a take away.


^ Jennie’s Beef (before)


^ after – 0 sexy points, a million tasty points

Jen’s fillet beef came completely raw and was cooked by the heat of the rice (YUM). My chicken was a little spicy – hence chilli chicken – but I still couldn’t resist piling on the chilli sauce. Mum’s bowl was amazingly colourful and tasted much sweeter than ours, probably because there were dates in it as well.


^ Mum’s ‘Nutritious Bi Bim Bap’ – 12 of your 5 a day right there!


^ Chilli Chicken made chilli-er by adding a tonne of hot sauce.

We also ordered Prawn Katsu, Jap Chae and Chives Mandoo to share. Mandoo are a bit like dumplings – think dim sum and you’re half way there. Jap Chae are glass noodles steamed with veg. This needs a good splash of soy sauce and possibly some chilli sauce to give it a kick. The prawns were butterflied and breadcrumb-ed with a delicious spicy mayo.

IMG_4527IMG_4528 IMG_4532

As if this all wasn’t enough to tempt you into the Bi Bim Bap goodness, it’s REEEDICULOUSLY CHEAP!! Bi Bim Baps start from £6.95(!) and the bowls are mahoosive.

After sneakily undoing our top buttons, we strolled down to The Coliseum to see the ENO do Sweeney Todd. Tickets for this sold out months ago but if you already have tickets and are waiting eagerly then oh, wow you’re in for a treat.  Emma Thompson is (obviously) phenomenal and the chorus sent chills down my spine. It’s funny, dramatic, and chilling all at the same time.

So, that was our Friday. You can follow Bi Bim Bap on Twitter @bibimbapsoho are you can find their website here.

Sweeney Todd has sadly sold out but for other fantastic ENO productions their website is here.


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