Coral Reefs & Dirty Bones

For all you non-teachers out there, you’re probably jealous to know that it’s currently the Easter holidays. For me, that means that I drag Chris into London for a good ol’ day of exploring.

Being keen scuba divers, we’ve been looking forward to the Coral Reef exhibition at The Natural History Museum for months now and on Tuesday, we decided to make a day of it.


The exhibition is truly fantastic and so interesting. They have a virtual diver so you can explore different reefs from Bermuda, Indonesia and Australia and you learn about how coral is vital to the earth’s survival. If you’ve got kids it’s great for them, if you’ve got friends it’s also great for them.  TBH I could easily go on my own (does that make me weird..?)

There’s also an aquarium which I was a bit wary of (did you know that Anemone Fish  – that’s Nemo’s – will live on average only half their life expectancy in a tank compared to open water; so aquariums = bad) but these had all been confiscated, along with a giant box of coral, at UK customs.  Look at all the pretty fish!

IMG_4505 IMG_4504

After also mooching around the dinosaur exhibition, we strolled up to High Street Kensington for dinner at Dirty Bones.


Another bonus about it being school holidays is that when happy hour is 5 – 7, we can damn well make the most of it, and the cocktails at Dirty Bones are totally worth it.

We went for ‘Mutts Nuts’ and ‘The Littlest Hobo’. The hobo was awesome – gin, lemon juice, passion fruit and cider(!). I was also sceptical about mixing cider *Glastonbury flashbacks* with Bombay Sapphire but oh, em, gee it was gorgeous. Tangy, refreshing and the cider offset the harshness that gin can sometimes come with. I could have drank these all night.


When we started feeling a bit merrier, we sat down for dinner. Because it was midweek we managed to get a comfy table for 4. Another bonus of school holidays…

We started with a sharing platter (all the good starters for £14) of chicken wings, ribs, padron peppers & calamari. The chicken wings were in a delicious lemon glaze which was definitely a refreshing change from your standard BBQ / blue cheese sauce combo and the calamari was perfectly cooked. The ribs were a bit of a let down – excellently cooked but the sauce tasted a bit generic – and the peppers surprisingly don’t blow your head off – very munchable (that’s going in to dictionary).


Mains were beef rib for Chris and flat iron steak for me with dirty fries & avocado and chilli salad to share.  Chris is adamant that his 14oz rib was worth every penny and managed to pick the bone clean.


I must admit I had a mild panic attack when the waitress didn’t ask me how I would like my meat cooked but (thankfully) it was seared to perfection. It came with ‘Dirty Bones steak glaze” which I could have done without. Honestly, it was a bit weird… indescribably weird. In my opinion that steak could have easily spoken for itself; maybe some people like it though…


Anyhoo, a small fortune later and we cabbed it back home (not out of laziness – I managed to throw generic rib sauce down my jeans and refused to be seen in public looking like such a tramp).

Even if you don’t go to Dirty Bones, absolutely DO get yourselves down to The Natural History Museum and check out their ‘Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea’ exhibition. Tickets are available on their website.

Dirty Bones website here – I didn’t dig it, but maybe you will.


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