Barnyard, W1

A few days ago I took my bestie for a late lunch at Barnyard, which is a little restaurant on Charlotte Street which, well, looks kind of like a barn inside. But a really hipster-y, clean barn, obviously. With very well dressed ‘farmers’ (waiters/resses). It serves small, English, farmyard inspired dishes (under the headings ‘Pig’ ‘Cow’ ‘Lamb’ etc) for sharing. If you’ve never been before the menu can be quite confusing. It’s hard to tell how it works or gauge how much to order BUT that’s what I’m here for, lovely Readers (or yunno, you could ask your waiter there, but whatever). My advice is order about 2-3 dishes each, not including anything from the ‘To Graze’ section, and be aware that they come all at once and are really designed for sharing. Simples.

Needless to say I’m usually more of the ‘3 dishes each plus grazing’ persuasion, but because this was lunch we reined it in a bit to 2 each and it ended up being the perfect amount not to send us to sleep immediately. While we deliberated about food (didn’t take long, tbf) we had some big, juicy, green olives to whet our appetites.


For the main event we had chicken wings, charred broccoli, crispy pig and steak bavette; all to share, of course. I love the chicken wings (to be fair, I love most chicken wings); the lemon and thyme flavour really works for me, and they’re deliciously saucy and crispy at the same time. I have to be honest, they’re not to everyone’s taste, one friend thinks they taste like cif, (I got them all to myself that night…) but in my opinion they’re worth trying if you’re a wing fan.


^ not sexy, but still delicious

You’d have to be mental not to enjoy the crispy pork. The meat is sweet and fatty and creamy (*swoon*) and you could lose teeth on the perfectly seasoned crackling. It comes with a celeriac coleslaw-type concoction which acts like a pickle and offsets the fattiness of the meat – seriously good.

IMG_3238 IMG_3242

The bavette was another winner; it comes perfectly pink, with a dill pickle and very subtle mustard mayo which, when eaten all together will make your mouth very happy.


= very happy mouth.

I’m now going to go a bit fangirl over the broccoli here. I know, it sounds odd, but bear with me. I don’t even like broccoli, but this stuff is amazing! For some reason, barbequeuing this hitherto rather uninspiring vegetable and smothering it in a creamy vinaigrette elevates it to unforeseen (certainly by me) heights of deliciousness. You may be sceptical, but trust me; this is one occasion you will have NO problem eating your greens.


As I mentioned, we limited ourselves to the 2 dishes each this time, but this isn’t my first time at Barnyard so in the interests of fairness and sharing and completeness I feel I have to tell you about THE BEST PUDDING IN THE WORLD…

Popcorn ice cream with smoked fudge sauce. OHMYGOD. Doesn’t sound like much, but it is so, so, so good. An absolute stunner of a pud. Creamy, delicate ice cream and seriously smoky, sweet sauce. Amazing. Have I mentioned it’s the best pudding in the world? It is, you know.

Website is here for your viewing pleasure. You can’t book, so be prepared to wait if you go in the evening. Good news is they’re open all day so if you fancy a late lunch it’s the perfect place to drop in and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a table straight away.


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