Chicken & Serrano Ham Tagliatelle

I got the idea for this recipe from Jen’s friend, who had it as part of her ‘Hello Fresh’ box. I have adapted and perfected, squeezed chopped and snipped until it’s perfect. It’s creamy but fresh (because of the lemon, chives and chilli), using philli is much healthier than cream, and it’s very, very quick to whip up for an easy supper. Paired with a rather good bottle of white, it can be quite a romantic affair…


For an intimate Sunday supper for two, you will need: 4 balls of tagliatelle 2 cooked chicken breasts (I used the leftovers from my roast chicken) roughly torn 1 pack of Serrano ham – snipped using kitchen scissors. 1 large or 2 small garlic clove/s 1 red chilli – finely chopped & de-seeded half a handful of fresh chives half a lemon 1 tub of philly cheese salt & black pepper olive oil 1 veggie stock cube Put your tagliatelle on to boil with the stock cube. Stir it well to break up the pasta and to also ensure that your stock is melted nicely. Slug some olive oil into a frying pan and, over a medium heat, fry your garlic, chilli and ham. Just a note about chopping garlic – as I’ve mentioned before, this is far too fiddely. I roughly chop the clove, sprinkle it with regular table salt then mash it with a fork; it releases the flavour a lot better and you won’t get a nasty lump of garlic in your food!

IMG_4267  IMG_4269

Once your pan is sizzling away nicely, add your cooked chicken around 6 tablespoons of the stock from the pasta. I had my sauce quite liquid-ey as we also had garlic bread – double carbing at the weekend is fine – but you might want yours a little less so; add less stock (remember you can add more but you can’t take it away). Give this a stir then add your philli cheese a bit at a time, breaking up until it’s all melted. Season with a twist of black pepper, there’s salt with the garlic so you won’t need anymore.

IMG_4271 IMG_4272

Leave your sauce to simmer gently, stirring every so often to stop anything sticking. If its getting a bit congealed then add more stock. Once your tagliatelle is cooked to your liking, drain and then add it to your sauce. Squeeze half a lemon over and toss it all together.

IMG_4274 IMG_4276

Plate up, serve with garlic bread if you’re hungry enough and a glass of chilled sauvignon.


Cheers, m’dears!



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