Hare and Tortoise

Let me tell you about my Friday night. It all started in a swelteringly hot room in Chiswick with my friend Kayleigh. God, I wish I was talking about a sauna paired with a relaxing massage but no, we were at Bikram Yoga. We were stretched and balanced and namaste-ed in sweltering 40º heat for an hour and a half to the point where we were both either going to pass out or throw up. Kayleigh loves it but I think you’ll have to get my opinion when I’ve fully recovered (give me about a week and a half). Anyway, if you’re in the area they have amazing introductory offers – off peak £40 for 30 days is a bargain if you’re going to make the most of it.  If you’re intrigued, then their website is here.

After sweating off half of our body weight* obviously we needed to refuel. I was dying to go to this new pizza place in South Ealing but it was completely slammed; I’ll go another day and tell you all about it because I’ve heard great things. Anyway, instead we headed to Hare and Tortoise.

*slight exaggeration


We were starving so ordered starters to share:

A mountain of Edamame, salted to perfection (ie. a lot)


Spicy wing sticks

Soft Shell Crab that just fell apart and melted in your mouth.


Chuka Wakame (looks like slime, tastes like heaven)


Vegetable Spring Rolls

Tempura Prawn Temaki Hand Roll.

For mains, Kayleigh had Tori Katsu Curry (their portions are massive so you could easily share this with sides) and I had the Deluxe Sushi Box. I always like going for mixed sushi and although it could have done with some sashimi, the selection was pretty good.


They also have a good selection of Japanese beer – I loved the Tsing Tao.


Hare and Tortoise have several locations: Ealing, Bloomsbury, Kensington, Blackfriars, Putney and a brand new restaurant has just opened in Chiswick.

One of the things I like about H&T is it’s a fab mix of sharing food and mains. It’s great if you just want to order a mountain of food to share or a main all to yourself… or of course both!

Website here.


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