Max’s Sandwich Shop & Bar, N4

Sometimes, a good sandwich is all you want from life. This was brought home to me a few years ago when I went backpacking around south east Asia. The food was amazing, but sometimes the English girl in me would only be satisfied with a big, fat sandwich. My friend from work told me about Max’s, which is a tiny little place in Crouch Hill and which happens to do THE BEST SANDWICHES IN THE WORLD. Previously this accolade went to M&S (no joke, when I flew back from Singapore the first thing I did was buy an M&S sandwich) but times are a-changing, Readers, and there’s a new sandwich kid on the block.


Here’s the menu…


Achingly cool, no? A bit like the rest of the place, which is about the size of my living room, but with exposed floorboards and lampshades made from (what looks like) paper mache. Max is also an ACTUAL PERSON who is probably the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet, he bounces around the place making sure you’re seated in the best spot and comfortably fed and watered.

We were hungover, and we fed the beast with the ‘What’s Your Beef All About’ and the ‘Ham, Egg N Chips’. I mean, they’re called sandwiches… and they look like sandwiches… but in this situation, Readers, a spade is definitely not a spade.  These were SO MUCH MORE than just sandwiches. Look at the HENC; ham as soft as a baby’s bottom, delicious runny egg yolk everywhere and proper shoestring fries (think, basically skinny crisps) adding a bit of crunch.


And the WYBAA… If you look closely at the ingredients you’ll see it includes ‘incredibly slutty gravy mayo’. Yes please. I needed that in my face, stat! And look at it… JUST LOOK AT IT!


Again, the meat was just perfect, and the sauerkraut instead of being overwhelmingly vinegary just offset the richness of the meat. The gravy mayo was the perfect mix of rich and sour and the cassava crisps added a nice texture and stopped the whole thing becoming a bit too moist and squidgy (*shudder*).


All gone!

But there was room for pudding… of course there was! Sandwich pudding (honestly, I was in heaven)! This was a choux pastry bun, with milk chocolate ice cream and heavenly salted caramel sauce, topped with crushed walnuts. Seriously phwoarsome, and not too heavy after the serious might of the sandwiches.


We had all of this, plus booze for about £35. Absolute bargain. The website is here and you can follow him on twitter @lunchluncheon.

I’ll be back… the sandwich lover in me demands it!


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