The Elk in the Woods, N1

This Sunday my friend and I went for a wander round Angel. After some shopping we ended up in Camden Passage, which is just behind Upper Street on the east side. It’s a gorgeous, narrow street lined with antique shops, coffee shops and lovely places to lunch. I have wanted to try The Elk in the Woods for a long time now but somehow never really got round to it, so we walked past the huge queue at the Breakfast Club (never been, is it worth it?) and bagged the last table in the Elk. TOP TIP: Book in advance my friends, to avoid disappointment. Whereas we managed to walk in, it transpired that this was fluke. The next couple who came in after us were told that there was a 2h wait for a table. This was at 2pm on Sunday. Lunchfail.




We took our comfy seats under our new mate Ellie (the Elk) and had a look at their extensive and super-delicious sounding menu.


Now, 2pm on Sunday, as we are all aware, is better known as cocktail o’clock 🙂 so we started with one of their very original and non-boring cocktails. Well, I did. My lunch date was clearly dissatisfied with the options and charmed the waiter into making her her own PERSONALISED cocktail:

(Sophie: “(looks charming, yet determined) I’ve looked at your cocktail menu, but what I’d really like is a cocktail with gin, elderflower and rose syrup… is that possible? It must be possible, I’d be so grateful”

Waiter: (looks stunned) “Erm, yes, yes I suppose that must be possible… yes. I’ll sort that for you”)


So, folks, there is now a cocktail at the Elk called ‘The Sophie’ (that may not be true, but we did tell them to put it on the menu as it was delicious) and we owe a MASSIVE high five to the very accommodating – and incredibly talented – cocktail maestro. I had a Watermelon Tears which was delicious, fresh, fruity and very moreish. Slurp.


For eating we chose something off the specials menu called the Vegetarian Cuddle. To be honest, it was mostly the name that sold it to us – how could we resist?? Our waiter told us that it was really for one person but that CANNOT be true, as when it came it was huge! A lovely platter piled high with veggie treats – take a look…


Best bits were the fried goats cheese (*swoon*), the maple roast corn which was so lovely and sticky and sweet and the feta, chilli & pistachio butter which we had spread on thick slices of dark bread. I say they were the best bits, but really the whole platter was veggie heaven!

When we’d put a dent in that, it was time for more cocktails, a From the Field – delicious gin, lemon, honeycomb and lavender was really refreshing after all the food.


After a bit of a break we decided to peruse the puds. And what else could we have but a salted caramel popcorn ice cream brioche sandwich???


Yeah, that was EXACTLY as good as it sounds.

Brilliant place, lovely lunch. Job done.


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