All Star Lanes, Holborn.

On Saturday night, we went out for Karl’s birthday to All Star Lanes for bowling, cocktails and food.

IMG_3985 IMG_3980

After we’d changed into our fashionable bowling attire, we started with drinks. IMG_3981

Out of all the American places I’ve been to in London, this one has the most extensive beer menu. I can’t stand going to American themes restaurants and only seeing only Brooklyn Lager on the menu. Very original (not). This menu, however, was mahoosive and also included milkshakes, hardshakes (milkshakes w/ booze), cocktails and wine.


I went for Moosehead, which is actually Canadian but who cares, and Chris had a Honey Whisky Ginger Hardshake (JD honey, vanilla and ginger syrup). I tried a bit and ended up downing nearly half of it – seriously delicious!IMG_4003IMG_3983

^ that, my friends, is a peanut butter & strawberry jam milkshake with bacon. and it’s amazing. After a few drinks, our bowling lane was ready. Karl made it interesting by organising Girls v Boys and prizes for winners. We ordered more drink and also snacks with the bowling. Bacon Popcorn, Sweet Potato Chips & Nachos to share. As you’ll know from Beer and Buns, I’m not a popcorn fan but bacon popcorn is a completely different ball game. The popcorn was sweet and sticky and the salty bacon made it absolutely delicious. The nachos were standard; covered in cheese sauce, guacamole and jalapenos and the sweet potato chips were delicious.


Next to the bowling they also had signed pins.  Stephen Fry has been here! IMG_3992 IMG_3993 IMG_3991

After we’d finished bowling we had a few more drinks then sat down for dinner. IMG_3995 IMG_3996 ^ bourbon bombs (bourbon w/ root beer), don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Chris and I shared Pulled Salt Beef Fritters and Hot Chicken Wings w/ Blue Cheese Dip. The chicken wings had great flavour but after the monsters from Beer and Buns the night before they were kinda flimsy and small. Great dip though. The fritter just fell apart (in a good way) and came with a delicious mustard dip. IMG_4008 IMG_4009

After the snacks AND starters I was starting to get full – school boy error filling up before main course! Despite this, I ordered buttermilk fried chicken burger w/ bacon and lime & chilli slaw. I’ve gotten more into chicken burgers recently because beef burgers are so unpredictable; it takes effort to overcook a piece of chicken but if you overcook my beef burger be prepared to suffer the wrath! Anyway, my chicken was deliciously juicy and the coating was crispy and seasoned to perfection. The coleslaw went perfectly. Chris had ribs, which looked like he was cutting through butter, and the glaze was lovely and sticky. We shared fries and truffled mac ‘n’ cheese and honestly the only reason I didn’t finish everything was because I was so full! IMG_4010 IMG_4014IMG_4012

^ just LOOK at the glaze on those ribs, don’t you wanna lick ’em? I do… I say full, but you know how there’s a separate stomach for pudding… well… yeah, I had pudding. I had Warm Cherry Pie w/ Vanilla Ice Cream. Proper, sweet and sticky cherry pie with flaky pastry. 100% hit the spot. Chris dove head first (practically) into a Choc Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich and didn’t return for air until his plate was spotless.

IMG_4018 IMG_4020

If you’ve got a big group of friends, maybe a birthday then All Star Bowling is a great choice. The bowling is really fun and very well organised (I think that these people specialise in large groups), the cocktails/hotshakes/beers are fab and the food was delicious. Don’t make the error I did and fill up on bacon popcorn so you can’t finish your burger though! Their website is here – they’re dotted around all over London and also one in Manchester.



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