Beer and Buns @ K10.

Beer and Buns has dominated our twitter feed this week and practically broken the internet. Tweets and re-tweets – ‘the buns are so good it’s my second time back in 2 days’ … ‘so @beer_and_buns is pretty farking banging’ or just simply ‘BEST WINGS EVER’. All this fangirling made us jealous – we wanted the best wings ever – so we went to check it out on Friday. And as if we weren’t excited enough… when we arrived… it was TWO FOR ONE… ON EVERYTHING!!!! *Haaaaaalelujah*


The first thing you notice when you walk up the stairs in K10 is the seriously cool décor. They’ve got that blackboard style paint where you can just doodle all over the walls with chalk (I want this in my flat). The stairs then open up into the bar. It’s small, and the atmosphere is awesome; park bench style seating, pinball machines (yes, you heard that right) and fussball tables make this place a seriously chilled out and fun way to spend your evening.


^ don’t have to ask us twice…

We started with drinks (2-4-1 drinks YEEEY) and spicy Japanese popcorn to share whilst we pored over the menu and had a good natter. The beer selection here is great and I went for a Japanese beer called ‘Owa’ which was really delicious and light. The popcorn packed a punch and was enough to keep us going whilst we decided what to order…


We started with wings…

Now, you might have gathered from previous posts that we’re total chicken wing nerds and this place definitely lived up to the twitter hype. They’ve totally put a new spin on wings; gone are the ‘spicy wings with blue cheese sauce’ and in are the tebasake soy garlic. Serious yumminess; ‘When Harry Met Sally’ style moaning is compulsory. We also had some sweet and spicy wings, which my refined and ladylike sister liked so much she went and scooped out the remaining sauce with her fingers, read into that whatever you like. Korean hot was also on the menu but we’re sissys when it comes to spice so decided against these on the basis they might take our faces off. The wings are deliciously crispy, the chicken holds its juciness and then they’re smothered in sauce, so it’s a good job they also come with wet wipes! Also, IT WAS TWO FOR ONE (have I mentioned that already) so we got DOUBLE WINGS! ER MER GEEERD!


^ salivation is imminent.

After we’d cleaned our faces and hands up from what looked like a chicken wing massacre, we hit the pinball machine.


^ couldn’t resist – this is how you get the pinball machine going, teehee!

It was pretty addictive and we even shoo-ed off a poor unsuspecting member of staff who asked us if our food was OK.  Sorry, by the way, to the lovely bar man who was dismissed with ‘yesitwasdeliciousthankyousomuch’ because God forbid we be distracted from pinball.


After a bit of shoving (‘it’s my turn!’ … ‘as if! It’s my turn’ … ‘GET OFF!!’) and a few tense pinball games we noticed the queue at the bar was mahoosive and thought we’d better order our buns (we heard off the grapevine that they ran out of buns the previous night and didn’t want to risk it). Naturally, we ordered two of everything. It was 2 4 1 you know, not sure whether we’ve mentioned this…

If you haven’t tried hirata buns before then YOU NEED THEM IN YOUR LIFE. Delicious, light, cloud-like bunny goodness that can be stuffed with any combination of meat, fish, veg and condiments. Here’s the menu…


My favourite by far was the duck leg w/ pickled cucumber. I like my buns how I like my burgers, with a good contrast of flavours. The fresh cucumber was a perfect accompaniment to the duck and harasame sauce.


The pork belly was deliciously soft and the kind of ‘melt in your mouth’ pork belly that so many people crave but rarely find. To be honest the red cabbage made it a bit too sweet for me, but Jennie luuurved it.

IMG_3976_2 IMG_3977

^ Chicken Katage & Pork Belly w/ red cabbage

Chicken Katage w/ japenese slaw was a perfect combination, much like the duck and cucumber. We also tried Aubergine Katsu w/ coriander salsa and miso sauce.


^ duck & cucumber

The aubergine was fried and if I could change one thing it would be I think to bake the aubergine as it was a little greasy but the salsa was delicious.

With the buns we ordered another round of drinks (2-4-1 WOO) and I decided to dive further into the realms of Japanese beer with Coedo – a kind of IPA. It was VERY rich and I preferred the Owa but hey, if you drank the same beer all your life it’d be dull.

We lay back in our chairs with an ‘oof, I’m stuffed’ and decided to call it a night.

We don’t normally talk about prices on the blog, but we need to tell you that we got all of this for around £40, which for dinner and drinks on a Friday night it a freakin’ bargain and TOTALLY justified getting an Uber home instead of the tube. That’s economics, folks.

So, incase you didn’t get it, let me spell it out for you. Go to Beer and Buns. It is amazing. Excellent food, great range of beer you’ve probably never tried before and a great team of staff (high 5 to the guy who lent us a phone charger btw, you’re the best) make it a serious contender in the pop-up scene right now.

You can follow then on Twitface @beer_and_buns.

Here’s their website.

They’re only open Monday – Friday at the moment but if things go well there’s talk of opening Saturdays. I think, as the food loving community in London, we should all club together and MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Grab all your mates and drag them out for some seriously good food and a great time.


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