Evidens, Budapest

A HUNGARY (geddit??) Swan went to Budapest a little while ago to see some sights, dunk in some outdoor baths and sample some local cuisine.

And what do they do best in Budapest?? Goulash, that’s what. I’d never had Goulash before. Not that I have anything against it in principle (meat, veg, dumplings, gravy. Tick, tick, tick, tick) but it just never grabbed me if you know what I mean. Now I don’t know if it’s quite the same in fair old England, but certainly in Hungary these simple ingredients are elevated into something Angels would sell their wings to eat. Deeeeeelicious.

After a long old day walking in the freezing cold we went to a Hungarian Restaurant called Evidens which was recommended by staff in our hotel. This didn’t look like much from the outside, but inside it was lovely! Warm and cosy but surprisingly elegant – we were expecting somewhere a bit more ‘rustic’ if I’m honest – we were probably a little too casually dressed, but whatever, they didn’t seem to care so we went with it. It also smelled ab-so-lutely amazing.

Having a little experience of Hungarian food we decided to just go for main courses. Food over there is pretty filling, and double- or triple-carbing is mandatory (it obviously insulates them against the cold). We ordered chicken and venison goulash and we supped some local booze (cabernet sauvignon and soproni) while we thawed out and waited for our food.

Which is when they wheeled THIS out…




They cooked the venison goulash at our table! Which was kind of embarrassing, but kind of fun as well.

It was also presumably one of the reasons that the whole restaurant smelled awesome. The onions, bacon, meat and veg were fried with ‘secret spices’ (as he called them, one was definitely paprika and there was something a little spicy in there as well). Then the rich gravy was added and it was left to reduce down while they went to go and get the chicken (none of this for the chicken – boring!) and a bowl full of dumplings to have with my venison.


And doesn’t it look the d’s b’s?? It did not disappoint – so rich and tasty and warming. Definitely worth a visit if you’re planning an eastern European getaway. The street it’s on is called Sas Ucta which is very central and a good place to find nice restaurants. We also ate at a place called Rézkekas which was opposite Evidens and very swish.

Food and drink is pretty reasonable in Budapest – our meal at Evidens was about £50 for a couple of drinks and a main course each. We left full, warm and happy. Lovely stuff.


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