On Saturday (even though I was ill – extra friend points), Susan and I met for brunch & shopping. Ealing has opened a few new restaurants lately and I thought – being a local and all that – that I should probably check them out. Limeyard is a west coast inspired all day café, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, dinner & drinks all day, every day. The décor is brilliant; simple, chic and light downstairs and a little more cosy upstairs.

IMG_3780 IMG_3770

We were celebrating on Saturday (Susan has just been told she’s in remission, woohoo!) so we went for mimosas. To be fair, even if it was a normal day we would have probably had mimosas but we don’t like to admit that…


Their brunch menu is excellent, including the usual suspects (croissants, eggs benedict, granola, smoothies etc.) and has a few odd & delicious combinations thrown in.


^ specials board

Susan went for avocado on toast w/ bacon (obvs.), which looked amazing and went down a storm. The creamy avocado with crispy, salty bacon is just a dream come true. I went for the Green Yard (halloumi, tomatoes, spiced butterbeans, kale, poached egg, hollandaise & spinach with sourdough toast).

IMG_3773 IMG_3776

Sounds weird right? But the combination was awesome! Kale means I can literally eat anything I want for the rest of the day and it doesn’t count, the halloumi was nice and salty, brilliant with the butterbeans and the eggs were poached to perfection – as in if you pressed the back of your fork onto it it just popped and oozed yellow sunshiney goodness. The bread was perfect for mopping up all the liquid left from the beans, tomatoes & egg at the end – yum!


^ I would’ve licked it clean, but I’ve heard that it’s frowned upon in public…

So, if you’re floating around the Ealing way, Limeyard is definitely worth a visit. Very well priced, lovely interiors, great food and a lovely atmosphere to catch up with friends.  I haven’t been other than for brunch but I’ve heard off the grapevine that the cocktails are awesome.

Their website it here and you can follow them on Twitter @Limeyard


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