Swingers Crazy Golf Club, EC2A

So, what did you do at the weekend? I was adventurous and tried something I’ve never done before… I went SWINGING!

Not like that! Keep it clean for goodness’ sake, this is a family blog! I mean of course (the title probs gave it away) that I went to Swingers; the crazy golf club that popped up near Old Street in Autumn. I know what you’re thinking, but honestly, I’ve never played crazy golf before. Not sure what I did with my childhood to be honest.

Obviously the main attraction at Swingers is the 9 hole crazy golf course which is, by the way, the BEST. FUN. EVER! However, if you’re a hungry (or thirsty) Swan then the Clubhouse is also v important. The Clubhouse at Swingers comprises of two bars (one just for wine and cava, my kind of bar…), a Pizza Pilgrims stand (which is permanent) and another stand which is used by different street food vendors for a few weeks at a time. Previous occupants include the lovely When Mac Met Cheese, Patty & Bun and Breddos – so I think it’s safe to say you’re in good hands food-wise! When we went it was the turn of Bowler; Gourmet Balls. First swinging, then balls… I’m really having to stop myself from going to town with the puns today and lowering the tone of the whole blog. Do hope you appreciate the effort (Mum).


After several glasses of cava (v reasonably priced – £5.50 for a glass) and an exhausting game of crazy golf, it was time for lunch. To start with we ordered the Njuda (spicy sausage) pizza from Pizza Pilgrims and the Great Balls of Fire (oh, STOP it…) from Bowler. Now I’ve never had Pizza Pilgrims before, but I have heard people raving about it so I was expecting great things. Unfortunately I was… underwhelmed. The pizza cost £8, it wasn’t particularly big, the cheese wasn’t completely melted and the spicy sausage had a weird taste which was quite overpowering. Maybe it was a blip, but I won’t be falling over myself to eat from there again. Bowler’s meatballs on the other hand were glorious; I usually find meatballs quite greasy, but these weren’t at all. They were lovely, tender and juicy and came with a delicious spicy tomato sauce, rice and slaw. So good we went back to order a meatball sub and chips which again, were delicious.

I would love to show you all the photos that I took on Saturday, but unfortunately most of them are crap. The lighting in that place is very red – great for mood, not so great for making food look nice. Check out their Facebook page instead, lots of nice photos there!

So, you want the bad news? Swingers in its current incarnation is going at the end of Feb (*sob*) and whilst the website says that extra crazy golf spaces are added all the time, being able to play is certainly not a given (*double sob*). HOWEVER… we heard on the grapevine that Swingers will be opening in a permanent place in Autumn! So that is your good news for Tuesday. You’re welcome.

Of course, until then Pizza Pilgrims and Bowler will be popping up in different places so you can always get your hands on some delicious balls that way.

Couldn’t resist, sorry Mum…


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