Smack Lobster Deli

The blog world seems to have exploded with excitement over Smack Deli, a lobster fast-food joint which happens to be Burger & Lobster’s little sister.  I’ve read and heard some awesome things about this place so thought we’d better check it out ASAP before it becomes overrun and you end up having to queue out the door.


We met on Saturday lunchtime at Oxford Circus (big mistake) and fought our way down the packed street, elbows out and dodging all of the annoying slow-walkers who insist on taking photos of every building or red bus they see.  After a bit of shopping we arrived at Binney Street for some lobstery goodness!


The menu is simple; 4 lobster rolls on offer (one which is a weekly special), whole lobsters, sides and drinks.


We went for the California roll and the Happy Ending roll with a side of courgette fries, a lobster to share and drinks (I had Pale Ale, Jennie had white wine).

I was seriously impressed with the lobster rolls.  The California was my favourite (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado mayo w/ lime & chives) but, as Jen rightly pointed out, you can barely taste the lobster with all the other flavours going on. Maybe it’s just my love for all things avocado, but I thought it was awesome.


The Happy Ending was also delish – it’s their weekly special so hurry up if you wanna get your paws on one!  This came with mayo, fish sauce, coriander, cabbage & bean sprouts which gave it a fresh, oriental flavour but again, the lobster kind of got lost.


^ juicy, lobstery goodness!

After we’d devoured our rolls (we were hungry, they lasted about 6 seconds in total), we moved onto the whole lobster.  Thank goodness they’d cracked the claws and split the tail open already because I would have absolutely no idea where to start.  If you’re a lobster virgin don’t be scared to order one, just get stuck in and make sure you have plenty of napkins to hand!  The lobster if served cold with lemon and mayo.  The meat was sweet, juicy & delicious (save the claws til last, they’re the best bits!) and at just £12 each they’re an absolute steal.


(there may or may not have been some lobster dancing and playing with claws…)

Right, down to the nitty gritty.  If you’re a lobster lover then it’s definitely worth a visit. I was, however, a bit disappointed that we spent over £40 on lunch and left not feeling particularly satisfied.  Please don’t misread that because everything was absolutely delicious, just a bit pricey (but as Jen pointed out, lobster is pricey).  I could have eaten the whole thing all over again and then dessert but, sadly, Pudding Bar has packed up and moved on (WAAAAAAH!!!!)  If I went back I’d skip out on the whole lobster – you don’t get much out of them anyway – and go for the rolls.

Would we go again?

Yes.  Jennie decided she’d go for just lobster and I’d go for just rolls.  Take from that what you like.

Find their website here.


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