The Wykham Arms @ Sibford Gower, Oxfordshire.

I’m spending new year with Chris’ family in Oxfordshire. Since we’ve been together I have completely fallen in love with this part of the country, the county is very rural so it’s just rolling fields, tiny villages and country pubs with roaring fires and real ales & ciders so whenever we’re in this neck of the woods I insist that we go for a stroll in the countryside.


The Times did an article on Saturday called ’20 New Year Walks’, one of which was based in Sibford Gower, about 5 miles from Bambury, North Oxfordshire. This morning me, Chris and Chelsey donned our wellies and headed out to Sibford. Saying we didn’t have a map or compass we (Chris) did bloody well! We stomped through fields and along bridleways getting muddier and muddier as we went. Apparently Oxford have had in rain what Derby’s had in snow so not surprisingly we ended up with mud spattered up to our knees.


Chelsey & Chris braving the mud..


Chris risking life, limb & wet feet!

A couple of hours and a few short cuts later (we would still be out now if we’d have followed the entire route) we ended up back where we started, at The Wykham Arms pub. The best part of a long walk is the pub lunch you get at the end of of it. My pint of Trelawney hardly touched the sides as we rummaged through the menu.


Like all proper pub food everything is home made and although the menu when we got there was completely different from the website, it was just what we needed. I was super impressed with my brie & bacon baguette. The bread was warm which meant that the cheese was just squidgey enough and bacon, well, bacon’s bacon – it’s perfect. They also serve burgers and other pub food as well as their fancy evening menu.


They had a masive choice of baguettes including: cheese & chutney, roast beef, turkey and salmon & cucumber. They’re a decent size and very reasonably priced. The decor in the pub is lovely too; low ceilings, wooden beams and stone floors give it a very homely feel. Perfect for a couple of Londoners wanting some time off!

We left feeling very full & absolutely shattered. Not full and shattered enough to miss out on tea and leftover Christmas chocolates though, hell no!

FYI pub website is here: – definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.


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