Wednesday night was date night so Chris and I headed out to the Natural History Museum to play on the ice.  This is the precise moment I started to feel festive.  The ice rink was full of first dates, young families and squealing school children all wrapped up warm and admiring the lights.

IMG_3469 IMG_3480

The museum looks hauntingly beautiful (how poetic of me!) at night, it’s really magical.

These two cool cats wore matching Christmas jumpers…


I asked Chris if we could do that, he said no 😦

After 50minutes of skating and absolutely no falling over (woohoo!) we headed to Fulham and to Bodean’s BBQ.  They have 5 restaurants in London: Soho, Clapham, Balham, Tower Hill & Fulham  Some have a booking system and some don’t.  The one in Fulham doesn’t but at 6.30 on a Wednesday evening there was no problem getting a table.


The place looks tiny from the outside, but inside is full of big booths for large parties and rickety little tables for 2.  TV’s show MLB, NBA & NFL so you can watch and pretend you know the rules.  We started with beer and chicken wings…



I say chicken wings, but these were more like goose wings.  They were HUGE! and smothered in BBQ sauce with a blue cheese dip.  The dip wasn’t too blue-cheesey which is perfect for me, and the sauce was just the right amount of a spicy/smokey combo. Yum!

Now this place has steak, burgers, hot dogs, spare ribs, pork ribs, beef ribs, burnt ends, chicken, pulled pork and smoked sausages.  I’ve probably missed something off. So to make sure we got to try lots of things we went for the Boss Hog Platter.  The DADDY of all meat platters.  Never in my life have I seen so much meat in one place.



Sorry for the awful photo quality.  I only have an iPhone and tbh I was in a rush so that Chris wouldn’t steal the beef rib.

Now the creme-de-la-creme was the beef rib, just LOOK at how if falls off the bone…


We picked that bone clean!

You can cover the meat in chilli & chipotle sauce to help it slip down easier, which I realise sounds like I’m doing a Man v Food challenge but it really did star to feel that way after a while.

It doesn’t look like much but even at a couple of mouthfuls in I started to feel the meaty effects.  Half way through I was slipping in and out of a meat coma and eventually I waved the white flag (napkin) and surrendered.  I think the waiting staff were laughing at us for trying to conquer such a beast of a platter and I don’t blame them.  It’s advertised as a platter for 2 but unless you’re two 25 stone meat heads I would probably say it’s for 3 – 4.

Oh, I still managed a slice of key lime for pudding though.  Separate pudding stomach, you see.

They have loads of great deals if you’re after a cheap dinner, like this one…


If that’s not a tenner well spent then nothing is.

Every day there is a new deal, so check their website and PROMISE me you’ll order the chicken wings.  Hands down the best thing on the menu and some of – wait for it – the best chicken wings I have ever eaten.  There, I said it.


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