Le Sacré Coeur, N1

THIS is the kind of restaurant I wish I could find in France, which I believe is what some folks call irony.


Le Sacré Coeur and La Petit Auberge are sister restaurants in Islington. Both do excellent French food at super-reasonable prices – if you use your tastecard it makes it C.H.E.A.P – and they don’t skimp on portion size (is that very French? Probs not.) The décor is really cute; little tables with checked tablecloths and French adverts and prints on the walls. The menus err on the side of rich French comfort food; confit duck (yum), boeuf bourguignon (yum), foie gras, snails (I’m sure they’re delicious, honestly…) and special mention to the potato dauphinoise which I could eat forever. Don’t despair if your main course doesn’t come with these bad boys – swapping them is one measly English pound extra. Win!

This time I was in the mood for seafood so ordered the moules mariniere a la crème. It was a delight! The mussels were absolute monsters (nothing more annoying than a tiny mussel…) and there was only one dud in the whole, enormous bowl. The sauce was creamy and herby and even though by the end I felt a bit ill (seriously, huge portions) I couldn’t stop dunking my bread in it and stuffing my face.

I didn’t take many photos as the restaurant was quite dark and the flash on my camera made my mussels look like something from ‘Alien’, which upset me A LOT. You’ll have to use your imagination for this one guys, sorry!


What we ate:

Beouf bourguinon & potato dauphinoise

Moules mariniere a la creme & frites

What we drank:

A French sauvignon blanc – the wine list in this place is great and the staff very knowledgeable

Would we go again:



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