Farm W5, Ealing.

On Wednesday, I met Julia for lunch.  We have an all time favourite lunch spot in Ealing.  The food is delicious and healthy, there’s a great variety and the portions are huge!  Farm W5 is an organic food market in Ealing Broadway that do fantastic breakfast and lunch and also sell lots of local, home made food.  They have a massive selection of juices and smoothies that you know are fantastic for you because they chop the fruit and blitz it in front of you.  I went for a ‘Singers Saving Grace’ which had apples, bananas, ginger & honey along with lots of other delicious and healthy treats! Julia went for mint tea (with actual mint, not a tea bag – super healthy!)


For lunch, I had their special for the day – pastrami, melted cheese, red cabbage and chutney toastie.  It. Was. HUGE!


And SO delicious!


The chutney was just the right amount of spicy and the red cabbage made it taste like Christmas.

Julia had a platter.  Farm W5 have platters on the menu, including veggie, vegan and meaty options with every single thing you could ever want on a platter or you can make you own.  Julia went for hummus, chicken, aubergine and a bean salad.  All of their platters come with pitta to scoop up the deliciousness.


As well as delicious main courses, they also make their own cake! Cake from an organic shop must be healthy, right? Yeah I thought so too…


We left thoroughly stuffed and not much poorer – it’s really well priced, much better than your regular packaged sandwich for lunch.

Their website is here and you won’t need to book a table, just go in and feel good about all the organic goodness you’ll be about to stuff yourself with!


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