Dortmund & Bochum Christmas Markets

This weekend, me and my friends from Uni headed over to Germany.  Our friend George (Hi George!) has just landed a job in Bochum so we went over to pay him a visit, drink excessively and check out the Christmas markets.

These German style Christmas Markets are everywhere now but good grief aren’t they awful! Really think about this… yeah the lights are pretty blah blah blah but the food is always generic stuff you can get everywhere, the gift stalls are full of mass produced, tacky shit and it’s always SO crowded!  Winter Wonderland? Nein Danke.

Anyway, the real German markets in real Germany are a completely different story. Firstly there are three stable food groups: currywurst, crepes and booze.  Now I’m not a currywurst fan but the others went mental over it.  Literally first thing in the morning was ‘who wants a currywurst?’.  I did however make up for it in crepes and gluehwein (mulled wine to you and me).

IMG_3422 IMG_3425 IMG_3424

Nutella crepes are awesome, but Nutella and Cointreau crepes… ermergeeeerd! On Pancake Day these are at the top of the menu.  They also are gorgeous with Amaretto.  Why haven’t we caught onto this in England yet!?


Mutzen are like deep fried pastry balls of awesomeness and my new favourite food. Filled generously with delicious sweet things like chocolate (obvs.), apple and quark they’re sold hot and are just delicious and light.  Think doughnuts but lighter, so you can eat more. Yey!

Me being me I can’t go to a market without gorging on meat and cheese.  This lovely lady let us try almost her entire collection before we settled on what to buy…

IMG_3411 IMG_3413

Finally, the Germans have a thing about covering eveything in sugar or chocolate.  Not a problem in my book!  There were loads of stalls selling sugar covered nuts and the cashews were ah-mazing.


After we’d stuffed ourselves like a mutzen, we moved on to gifts…


Cute tealight holders.


Gorgeous, hand made glass ornaments (although they didn’t have any Swans, boo hiss).

In the middle of Dortmund market lies Europe’s tallest Christmas tree – 45metres tall!


It’s pretty hard to get a decent photo of this (or maybe it isn’t, my photography is awful after all) because everyone else was also trying to.  Find a decent angle and you can bet that there is a crowd of people already there, and my time is better taken up eating crepes.

The lights, of course, are also beautiful.


It’s impossible not to feel Christmassy when you’re in Germany at this time of year.  If you’re over there, make sure you visit a Christmas market and if you’re thinking of going to one of the ‘German’ Christmas markets over here, get your ass on a plane and do it properly in Deutschland instead!


Cheers! And Frohe Weihnachten (Merry Christmas).


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