Garlic & Rosemary Camembert

I was in France recently and took the opportunity to do a bit of a ‘supermarket sweep’ of the wine and cheese aisles in the local Monoprix. This means I have A LOT of Camembert, and my fridge smells a bit funny. A small price to pay I think. Baked Camembert is my happy place – there’s nothing better than dunking some crusty bread in your melty, gooey cheese whilst sipping/swigging on a glass of Bordeaux that you have paid LESS THAN FIVE EURO FOR!!!

There are loads of different ways you can bake camembert, but this is my favourite. If you don’t fancy it, try chopping half a red chilli and putting it on the top with a drizzle of honey before you bake. Or caramelising some onions and sticking those on top (2 onions, thinly sliced and cooked over a low heat with oil & butter for about 45m, stirring regularly. Add salt and a LITTLE bit of sugar. Balsamic vinegar at the end to deglaze the pan. Time consuming but SO worth it!) Alternatively, just bake the cheese by itself and eat with some delicious chutney (the recipe for Christmas Chutney will be on the blog soon I hope!)

You will need:


350g Camembert


2 cloves garlic

Olive oil

Crusty bread (to dunk)

What to do:

  1. First, preheat your oven to 180ºC
  2. Cut the lid off your cheese – I do this by cutting a cross in the top and then cutting off each quarter, you want the top rind to be gone and the lovely creamy cheese to be exposed
  3. If your cheese comes in paper – CUT THE EXPOSED BIT AWAY! Forgot to do this, kitchen filled with smoke. D’oh.
  4. Squash two cloves of garlic with the flat of a knife blade – if you don’t peel them it makes them easier to fish out when the cheese is cooked – and put them on top of the cheese                                               IMG_2264
  5. Sprinkle with sprigs of rosemary
  6. Bake in the oven for about 25 minutes until the cheese is piping hot and gooey, for the last 10 mins or so stick your crusty bread in as well so it warms up
  7. When you take the cheese out of the oven don’t forget to extract the whole garlic cloves, unless you don’t need to socialise for the rest of the week
  8. Eat.  Swoon.                                                                 IMG_2265 IMG_2266

This will do two people for a main course or a nice sharing starter for 4. Even I can’t eat a whole one to myself…


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