The Holy Cheesemas @ Byron

Byron has become a bit of a Christmas tradition with me; it’s the only time of year I actually go there.  I’ll spend a day Christmas shopping then head into the warm, cosy arms of their Triple Cheesemas burger.  Have you had a Triple Cheesemas? Oh my Cheesy Christmassy Jesus they’re fabulous.  Never ending layers of meat and cheese, meat and cheese.  Food porn at it’s greatest.

I was very upset when I found out last week that the Triple Cheesemas was no more. It had been replaced (as if it ever could) with their brand new Holy Cheesemas burger. Two beef patties, FOUR types of cheese, bacon, pickles, lettuce, red onions and special Cheesemas sauce.  Now I was very stubborn and thought ‘no, no, NO NO NO.  It will NOT be better than the Triple Cheesemas because nothing they make can be!’.  I dragged Susan out into cold, wet Chiswick to prove myself right.


I failed.

It. Was. Awesome.


*angels sing*

It’s a frickin’ monster of a burger, so naturally it had to be squished.


Check out the juices running from the meat.  The perfect, medium cooked meat.

As far as I am concerned, there are 3 non-negotiable that make a burger worth eating.

1) You must be asked how you’d like the beef cooked.  The lovely waitress said to me ‘Is medium OK?’.  Medium was fan-bloody-tastic.  If they don’t ask how you’d like your beef cooked get the hell out of there.

2) Ratio of ingredients.  If there’s too much cheese in a burger – it’s sad but there is such a thing – and it’s not balanced out by something fresh, like pickles or sauce or salad, then it can make you feel sick.  Not only did I feel fine when I finished the Holy Cheesemas, I wanted another one.

3) Structural integrity.  It’s a sign of either you being a total wuss or it being a crap burger if you need cutlery.  Burgers are hand food. End of story.  My cutlery was left untouched because the bun was strong enough to soak up all the meaty juices.

Here’s a close up, just to tickle your tastebuds…


To be fair, I had a tough time wrapping my chops round this massive specimen but, because I’m hard core and all that, I managed it without getting too much of that glorious burger sauce in my eyebrows.

So, if you’re sitting at your desk deciding what to do for lunch of dinner or both tonight then rally your mates and head to your nearest Byron for one of these bad boys.  You will not be disappointed.


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