The Hot House, W4.

If you follow us on Twitter (@hungryswans) you’ll know that it was Jennie’s birthday shindig last night.  We started at The Hop & Berry (awesome pub, excellent beer) in Islington then down to The Winchester (not so great, music was dull) getting merrier and merrier along the way.

Inevitably, I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been hit by a train and with no food in the house.  I’d had high hopes for today and wanted to go to a certain yellow brunch establishment in Soho to kill this hangover but there wasn’t a chance that I was a) making any sort of effort to look normal and b) going anywhere that was more than a 10minute bus ride away.

After a bit of research, we decided to go to The Hot House in Chiswick.  It was a toss up between that and Sam’s Brasserie, and this was cheaper (I spent a lot of money last night).

The problem I usually have with brunch, and let me know if you agree, is that it’s seen as quite a posh thing to do.  Ladies who brunch and all that.  You’re expected to look impeccable and sip on mimosas whilst nibbling on little bowls on fruit.  The Hot House, however, offers your standard brunch food (eggs benedict/royale/florentine, full english & pastries) in a very chilled out, greasy spoon sort of setting.  You can waltz in donning leggings and a jumper without a scrap of make up on and feast on exceptionally good eggs royale for… wait for it… FIVE ENGLISH POUNDS!!!!

IMG_3377_2 IMG_3379_2

As you can see, they don’t skimp on the salmon or the hollandaise and the eggs were perfectly cooked.  Sorted me right out.

Chris went for a classic full english, accompanied by ‘ooof’ and ‘mmmmmm’ (I think it was good but he’s not feeling very talkative today…)


The coffee here is also excellent and they squeeze their own juice.  If that won’t sort your hangover out, nothing will.

A short but sweet brunch post.  I seriously recommend The Hot House if you like your brunch but can’t be bothered with the effort.  Brunch for 2 was £20 and we left very happy and full.  Top job.

Right, there is a plate of mince pies and a couple of episodes of Homeland with my name on it.  Whatever you’re up to, enjoy your Sunday :).


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  1. Samy says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your complimentary words about The Hothouse. Glad we managed to help with your hangover. I’m the owner, Samy and this has really made my day. I’ll tell my team today about your review. Thanks again and look forwards to seeing you soon.

    Samy Amer


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