Cocktails in Paris

A few weeks ago I went to Paris for a weekend with the girls. I really REALLY wanted to do a restaurant blog while I was there. I’ve been to Paris a couple of times before but never managed to have a really stellar meal. Possibly because the other times I was vegetarian;

(Me: ‘I’m vegetarian’ (in French though, because I put effort in)

Waiter ‘Zat eez OK, you can ‘av some raw vegetables’ *laughs hysterically*

Me: *facepalm* *buys 12 nutella crepes to make up for it*)

So this time I was ready to go mental! We stayed in Bastille, which is a great location with great nightlife. On the first evening (before going to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle – so beautiful!) we searched tripadvisor for a decent place to eat near to our apartment. A place called Barbat was highly recommended as a tapas restaurant. I’m not sure why exactly, as it didn’t do tapas. There you go. We went with it. It did do French food (not much veggie choice, standard) and was reasonably priced, but nothing to write home on a postcard about.


Saturday (after the obligatory two nutella & banana crepes for breakfast) we decided we’d check out the Paris Time Out website instead of chancing it with tripadvisor. We’d already decided that that evening we wanted to go to Saint Germain – a swish area with lots of restaurants and nice bars. A restaurant called Germain on Rue de Buci (main road in Saint Germain) had great reviews on the website so we decided to check it out. Readers, I have never been so disappointed! They managed to overcook my steak! In France!! Quelle dommage!! And to add insult to injury they also managed to serve Sophie’s Cod raw, and then have a massive bitch about taking it off the bill.

So, my quest for a lovely meal in Paris continues… The only advice I can really offer from a ‘food blog’ point of view is definitely take advantage of the million crepe vans dotted around Paris (but try to get one that’s making them fresh if you can). We had them for breakfast, lunch and drunken snacks and I just can’t get bored of them!

The cocktails, however, were a different story. A story I may have forgotten parts of (*hiccup*). Paris is a pretty expensive city to drink in as a rule – expect to pay London prices in most places – but they do BRILLIANT happy hours. And they do last for hours; 5pm – 9pm in most places during which time cocktails will be about half price. We took full advantage of this. After all, shopping is thirsty work!


Our first stop in Saint Germain was a place called (wait for it…) Le Pub. We went in there thinking it’d be a bit of a joke, but it was actually a really beautiful bar – we got seats right by the huge window looking out on the street and it was a lovely place to sup a French Kiss or two and watch the world go by (whilst admiring our purchases and moaning about our aching feet, obvs). It’s just around the corner from Odéon metro station so an ideal place to stop on the way to Rue de Buci. I found a list of their NEW cocktails here 🙂 don’t say I never do anything for you…


When you get to Rue de Buci you are spoiled for choice in terms of bars. We continued our happy hour adventure in a place called Mabillon which did amazing Mojitos before heading back the way we came to Germain.


Now, you already know what I think of the food here (*sob*) but the cocktails were pretty awesome and the bartenders did lots of fancy tricks with the drinks which is funnier the drunker you are (we found it hilarious 4 cocktails in…).


We ended the evening back in Bastille, where we saw this chap…


In hindsight, we did NOT need another cocktail, but we were quite suggestible by that point so we had one anyway. The cocktails here were the most impressive we had all evening and I really, really wish I could remember what was in mine but it was called a ‘hundred dollar’ and came with actual dollars (probs fake, to be fair).


If you’re in Paris and thirsty check out the bars and let us know what you think. Any restaurant suggestions to end my miserable run gratefully received!


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