Sunshine Soup

What do you need on this cold, miserable day? You need some SUNSHINE!

You may have gathered that us Hungry Swans are big soup fans. It’s just so damn easy! And delicious! What’s not to love? This recipe was originally a Nigella one, but we’ve been tinkering with it for so long I can’t really remember what it was like to begin with. I love the colour of this soup – it really cheers me up. Eat it with tortillas (a lá corn chowder) or warm crusty bread and butter.

I use my home made chilli oil in this recipe, but if you don’t have any then chop half a red chilli and add it to the mix when you add the peppers. Having said that, making your own chilli oil is so easy – you should try it! I made it because the chilli plant my friend gave me grows chillis that are hotter than the actual sun. I couldn’t think of anyone I disliked enough to give them to, but I didn’t want them to go to waste either. To make it, take your super hot (or just normal strength) chillis and use a skewer or a knife to punch holes in them. I used two for a 500ml bottle. Get a decent bottle of extra virgin olive oil, take the top off and put your chillis in. Leave for a week to infuse properly and you’re done. Easy peasy!

What you need:


Chilli oil

2 onions (or 4 shallots – I used an onion and two shallots as that’s what I had in the cupboard)

A red & yellow pepper

Two garlic cloves

A 500g packet of sweetcorn

1l veg stock

½ tub of phili (this is very important. I firmly believe that a dollop of phili improves almost anything.)

What to do:

  1. Roughly chop your onions and peppers                                        IMG_2321
  1. Fry off your onions gently in some chilli oil for about 10m, don’t use too high a heat as you don’t want the onions to brown too much
  1. Add your chopped peppers and crush your garlic gloves, fry these off for about another 5m
  1. Add your stock and frozen sweetcorn and cook for about 20m or until your veg is soft.
  1. Blitz, add your phili and blitz again
  1. Yum!                                              IMG_2324

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