Flat Iron

I’m quite the fan of these ‘limited menu’ places. I know they’re not for everyone, but I really like the idea of a restaurant doing one dish but doing that dish really, really well. Flat Iron is one of these there places and it does almost exclusively (wait for it…) flat iron steak. If you’re a big steak fan you’ve probably already been, but I know some people will have been put off by the fact that you can’t book. I’m here to tell you; THE WAIT IS WORTH IT, GUYS.

First off, you can leave your name and number at the restaurant and then go away for drinks. This makes it approximately 100% less of a pain in the arse than some other places that are too precious for this and make you queue. Not only will they text you when your table is ready (and hold it for 10m while you toddle over) but they also do some jiggery pokery whereby you can see how far down the queue you are online! Brilliant idea! Like the ticket system in Argos (do they still do that?) but yunno, for steak. And with drinks. Much better.

The only downside to a 2 hour wait for dinner is you could possibly get a little tipsy and overexcited about the prospect of your food and end up deciding not only to get a steak each, but also a couple for the table to share. I would LOVE to pretend that because I was with four men that was their idea. Readers, that would be a lie. It was my idea (not that I had to twist any arms) and I will defend it to the end! Life is too short to not order extra steak when it’s a tenner a pop. Did I not mention that? A tenner. For a steak. Honestly.


And it was good steak.  Look at those happy campers!  I know Caroline cooks a mean steak (check out her blog post here) but I’m not as hot at it as her, so when I go out for one it’s a real treat. This steak was delicious – perfectly seasoned, juicy and it just fell apart in your mouth. I have my steak blue but between the 5 of us we had them cooked from blue – medium and everyone was happy.  We also shared 5 sides, special mention to the baked aubergine, which was frankly more delicious than any aubergine has the right to be.


You can order the usual sauces, all of which are lovely, and also Flat Iron’s ‘Fred’s Sauce’ which is a slightly spicy tomato-ey one which is well worth a try if you fancy something a bit different.

What we ate (between 5):

Beefy popcorn to snack on.  This is ridiculously more-ish!  Luckily they were happy to give us more…

A 200g flat iron steak each – plus two extra for sharing.

Aubergine Bake x 2

Beef fat chips x 2

Market Greens

Salted caramel mousse for pud


What we drank:

2 bottles of Malbec slipped down possibly too easily…

Would we go again?

Of course


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