Healthful Smoothie

Over summer I became a bit of a smoothie addict (in an attempt to combat all the time I spent sitting in beer gardens). I tried LOADS of different combinations of fruit and veg. One of them had coriander in. We shall never speak of this one again. The point is, dear readers, that I did all this so YOU DON’T HAVE TO! Don’t say I never give you anything…

Anyway, this one is my favourite. It’s (another) incredibly forgiving recipe (can you call it a recipe if there’s no cooking involved?) so feel free to tinker, it takes about 15 minutes including chopping time and will keep in the fridge for about 3 days. I drink it as part of breakfast (try it with our Apple, Walnut & Cheese Muffins) and it’s actually really filling so will keep you going ‘til lunchtime better than Shreddies! Perfect now the Christmas party season is fast approaching – you can mainline all your vitamins at breakfast and be bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to party come the evening. Healthy AND efficient. I am so good to you.

I haven’t really followed the good juice/bad juice debate (yawn) but because you’re using the whole fruit in this recipe, rather than ‘juicing’ you get all the fibre and whatnot so it’s not like a sugar bomb going off in your body *nods knowledgably*.

You will need:

A packet of raspberries

A packet of blueberries

2 apples

An orange

Bunch of grapes

A banana

About 250ml orange juice (or more, depending how juicy you want your drink)


You will also need:

A packet of baby spinach. Don’t be scared, you can’t actually taste it in amongst the fruity goodness! I have to warn you, it doesn’t make the result pretty though…


What to do:

  1. Put everything in a bowl
  2. Blend
  3. Drink, use a jazzy straw or two if you like…


Told you it was easy!


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