Oeuf en Cocotte

… otherwise known as Eggs in Pots.  I’ve seen this recipe a few times and each one is different.  Nigella uses double cream and truffle oil, Rachel Khoo uses creme fraiche.  I took a little bit from each recipe to create my own version.


For a cosy Sunday brunch for 2, you will need…

2 ramekins

a smear of butter

2 free range eggs

2x 1 1/2 tablespoons of double cream

black pepper

a pinch of saffron

crusty bread

First of all, pop the tiniest blob of butter in each ramekin and put them in the microwave for no more than 10seconds.  When the butter is soft/melted use a pastry brush to wipe the butter around the ramekins.

Spoon 1 1/2 tablespoons of double cream into each ramekin, crack the eggs in (being very careful not to break the yolks, they’re the best bit!), and on top goes a twist of black pepper and a pinch of saffron.


Don’t they look cute 🙂

The ramekins need to go on a baking tray or in a pyrex dish.  Boil the kettle and fill the dish or tray until the water is half way up the ramekins.  I have no idea why you do this, but Nigella can do no wrong so I went with it.

Pop them in the oven (190º/gas mark 5) for 15minutes.  The yolk should be wobbly and the white should be just about cooked.

Serve with crusty bread and orange juice.  The perfect, easy brunch.



The beautiful thing about Oeuf en Cocotte is that they are individual portions, so you can adjust the recipe to anyone’s taste.  Cheese grated over the top would be nice I reckon.  What about cherry tomatoes or pancetta in the bottom? The possibilities are endless!

If you have any easy brunch recipes for a lazy weekend we’d love to hear them.  Drop us a comment or tweet us @hungryswans


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