La Cave à Fromage

Aren’t those four of the most beautiful words you have ever heard? ‘The Cellar of Cheese’. If you’re looking for a lovely lunch spot then this is it.  La Cave is literally a 30 second walk from South Kensington underground which is perfect if you’ve had a morning wandering around the museums or trawling through Harrods.

I went with my friend Susan.  Susan has her own blog called ‘Naked Cancer’ which is the blunt truth about her fight through cancer.  It’s emotional, witty and totally worth a read, she’s a massive inspiration and such a strong and sophisticated woman. You can find it here –  Anyway, Susan and I went for a cheese date that we have been putting off for far too long.  I’ve been to La Cave a few times but it was Susan’s first time.  She was a La Cave virgin but went out in style! We had a cheese board each and a charcuterie board to share.  The boards also come with a choice of wine, no wine or fizz.  Naturally we went for wine.  Have a look…


No lunch will ever be good enough, ever again.

The staff are so friendly are definitely know their stuff! The lady who served us could tell which cheese was which just by looking at it, she must have a degree in cheese-atomy. Or cheese-ology. She was pretty clued up about the meat and wine too.

The cheese it set out in order of strength (bottom right is weakest and you work your way clockwise to the strongest).  The staff explain where each cheese came from, what the rind is washed in and other important cheesy and meaty facts.  Very interesting stuff.  Our favourite by far was the brie (top left) which came with honey truffle oil.  I think it deserves a close up.


I have never in my life had anything so beautiful grace my mouth with its presence. The cheese was so, so, SO creamy, and so soft, and just… YUM! The honey was a little spicy (I think that’s a chilli flake you see) which with the cheese was, quite frankly, a match made in heaven. Have another look, go on.


We polished off everything except the Yorkshire Blue – neither of us are a fan of blue cheese but if you are then I’m sure you’ll think it’s delicious.

As if this place couldn’t get any better, they sell everything they serve.  I lingered and stared at all the gorgeous cheese until a very lovely man with an even lovelier french accent came to help me.  I walked out with a LOT of cheese which will be gone before the weekend is up.

They also deliver – the website is here .  La Cave has recently opened a third shop in Notting Hill as well as their other shop in Brighton.

Would we go here again?

Yes. Tomorrow and the next day and the next.


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  1. Heather says:

    I’ll have some of the Brie when you are Dow next time. X


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