Apple, Walnut & Cheese Muffins

This was originally a ‘Bake Off’ recipe. I’ve tweaked it slightly and have gone for handy muffins rather than a loaf, although I’m sure it’s delicious either way. They go wonderfully with soup and salad or as breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, midnight snack… They really are the most versatile muffins ever! And as the nights get longer and I start to get out of bed later, these will definitely be a fantastic on-the-go breakfast, *jealous bus stares are inevitable*.

Start with 175g of SR flour in a large bowl and rub in 125g of unsalted butter until it’s all mixed in and looks like crumbs.


When that’s done, chuck in your cheddar cheese (125g) 1 Apple (finely chopped) walnuts (50g) and bran flakes (50g).  Mix around with a wooden spoon, smashing up the cereal and walnuts a bit as you go.

Beat three eggs well in a separate bowl, then add these to your dry mixture and mix it up until it’s all combined and looks a bit disgusting!


Split your mixture into muffin cases – mine only made 10 because I overfilled but you could easily get 12 – and sprinkle 25g of finely grated cheese over them to create a luuuuurvley crispy top to save for last … yum!  Finally, bake for around 25minutes at 190 degrees / gas mark 5.

image  image

Mine went exceptionally well with parsnip, leek & lemon soup which we will definitely be blogging about because it was ah-mazing.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. mydearbakes says:

    What a lovely bake! Will be looking forward to your next bake!


  2. Mummy Swan says:

    These sound a bit yum, my Darling.


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