The Fleet Street Press

This post should really be called ‘I needed coffee and cake because it’s raining and I’ve had a hard day and it’s only Monday… Boohoo!’

I went with my friend (Hi Sam!) to the Fleet Street Press, which is a great independent coffee shop in the heart of legal London. Now I’m not a coffee snob really, but I can tell when it’s disgusting and I can tell when it’s good. The coffee here is good. And the staff here are so thoughtful; if you want to become a coffee snob they even tell you what ‘notes’ the coffee has, so you can do this with minimal effort!


See?? Orange, dark chocolate and rose. Exactly what I thought as I supped on my flat white. Yep.

If you don’t like coffee, they also have about a zillion different types of tea which you can smell before choosing. Now, I don’t like tea (I know, I know…) but I am told that they do a decent cup of tea here too. You probably couldn’t get a ‘cuppa’ in a mug though.


For (tr)eats I had caramel shortbread and my friend had a Portuguese tart. Both get a big, fat, Monday afternoon, sugar-kick thumbs up! I am very fussy about caramel shortbread too, my view is that unless it’s as good as Mummy Swan’s home made stuff it’s just not worth the risk of obesity. This shortbread had a decent amount of caramel that actually tasted of the real thing rather than just being non-descript and sweet enough to give you diabetes.


It’s only the second place in London I’ve found where I’d go for a piece of this so it really is good (the first is, randomly, Abokado, the sushi shop. Honestly, give it a try!)

If there are any other places I need to try to get my fix let me know (we are on twitter too FYI @hungryswans).

A great place to go on a rainy Monday afternoon (or any afternoon really)

Would we go again?

Ermmm… Yes. Probably every week. Cakes don’t eat themselves you know.


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