Pudding Bar

Some people don’t like pudding. I know, I think it’s deviant as well, but there you go. However, for every right-minded person who DOES like pudding, there is Pudding Bar. A little restaurant at the bottom of Greek Street where they don’t bother with main courses and skip straight to the best bit. Us Hungry Swans have been raised as pudding devotees by our dear Mummy Swan, who showed us she loved us by making a pudding with EVERY DINNER. So we know a good pudding when we see it, and we also know when we’re getting short changed by people who can’t be bothered to make an effort for those with a sweet tooth.

I went with possibly the only person who likes puddings more than me (Hi Soph!) and we went with the intention of trying the entire menu. It’s fair to say we didn’t manage that, in fact it was a bit of a pathetic attempt at gluttony, but what we did have was bloody delicious.


We had the S‘More Cheesecake and the Blondies and Brownies (both to share). The brownies were lovely and dense and chocolatey – though no nuts. And the blondies (which I’ve never tried before) were similarly dense and beautifully vanilla-y. I actually preferred these to the brownies, especially when you had it in the same mouthful as possibly the best chocolate ice cream ever! As well as the ice cream it also came with little stars of whipped cream which I have to be honest I didn’t think added much to it, but it was still a lovely pud. The s’more cheesecake was my favourite though, the chocolate cheesecake was really light and fluffy and went really well with the gingernut base. But the best bit… do you see in the (admittedly a bit crap) picture those crumbs around the cheesecake?? You may be thinking, as I did, that those are just decoration. But no. No, no, no. Those, my friends, are little pieces of peanutty, salty deliciousness which I would happily crawl over hot coals to have in my life again. Combine that with the peanut ice cream (*swoon*) and it was an actual party in my mouth.

IMG_1990 IMG_1991

To summarise, anyone who likes pudding owes it to themselves to go here!

What we ate:

See above…

What we drank:

Prosecco. It was delicious but I needed to have a sip and then a long break before continuing with my pud or it tasted funny. In hindsight I would probably either have a soft drink or try one of the dessert wines.

Would we go again?

Hell yes, I need to try the entire menu. Now you can book (http://www.opentable.co.uk/the-pudding-bar?refid=ppc_ggl%26ref=12428%26sp=ppc_g_UK_NONTM or reservations@puddingbar.co.uk) this is a brilliant place to go after having your main course at one of the millions of restaurants in Soho. We actually went here first and then for main course afterwards but yunno, whatever works for you!


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