We know, we know everyone in the world has already been to Barrafina, but we came late to the party, ok? Also, Caroline wanted to try it for her birthday.

We opted for a Thursday lunch rather than the inevitable 2hour wait on a Saturday night and were pretty impressed. Actually we were very impressed.

They serve drinks and snacks in the queue which tides you over until you’re seated, then the real eating begins… And you could really go to town with this stuff!! The toast with alioli was a perfect carb-y dish. Really garlicky lovely alioli (make sure everyone in your party has it or whoever doesn’t will regret it…) which came with the sprats as well but had a horseradish kick – yum! The tortilla was nice and gooey in the middle but the tuna… Oh god, the tuna! It comes with an avocado purée with coriander and the tuna is seasoned with soy and ginger which means it’s really nice and fresh. Words can’t do it justice as I can’t figure out what they’ve done to it to make it quite so amazing but if you only have one dish here make it this one!




The chicken was another stand out dish. Chicken is usually a bit ‘meh’ but the Romanesco sauce made it something special. The ceps were a little too salty for Caroline but I liked them and would definitely recommend.

It’s also worth saying that the wine list here is really good and the staff are v helpful – we managed to ‘taste’ half the white wine offerings for free before we eventually decided on a bottle, which slipped down a treat!

All the seats are at the bar (apart from the tables outside) so it’s probably not the best place to go with more than two people as it’d be difficult to chat. It can also get a bit frantic but we quite like that as it adds to the atmosphere.

Lunch for 2 plus wine was about £100 which might seem a bit steep but the food is delicious and service is ah-mazing. Probably a special occasion place rather than an everyday luncheon!

What we ate:
Limo iberico de ballota
Toast with alioli
Jamon & spinach tortilla
Tuna tartar
Chicken thigh with romenesco sauce
We also had some some specials – ceps (mushrooms to normal people) with quails eggs & sprats (a bit like whitebait) with horseradish aioli.

What we drank:
Probably a little too much of this for a lunchtime!


Would we go again?
Too right!

Would we queue again?
Yes, though probably not at night when queues can be for over an hour (we are the Hungry Swans after all!)


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